Top 10 Research Sources:


Friends of mine who are studying IR in the Middle East and North Africa asked me where I source my information and so I thought I would compile a short list of the top-ten sites and sources that I refer to on a daily basis. To stay abreast of counterterror research, news, and studies, I spend maybe an hour or two each morning reading posts from these sites. Some of the best open-source news and intelligence is, in my opinion, readily available on Twitter. Through following the chain of experts and journalists with an online presence, it is easy to get real-time news and information often before it hits the news outlets. By searching the ‘followers’ and ‘following’ lists of reputable analysts, I’ve found some great independent journalists who are on the ground in Yemen and Syria who have the contacts and partnerships with local sources that you can’t find anywhere else. Of course, however, NGO and government-affiliated groups with larger budgets and resources produce incredible analyses and studies that are essential in gaining a third-party understanding of the often complex events in the MENA. In no particular order, these are the top-ten sources I refer to every day:

1. Combatting Terrorism Center (CTC) at West Point

2. Yemen Times

3. Yemen-iaty

4. Jihadology

5. Institute for the Study of War (ISW)

6. National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)

7. Brookings 

8. Al-Jazeera

9. The Yemen Peace Project

10. Al-Arabiya


Also, you visit my Twitter page to take a look at some of the journalists, analysts, and scholars that I follow.