Back Into the Fold: Reincorporating Foreign Fighters

Western governments have been attempting to remedy the growing population of foreign fighters returning home from the battlefronts of Iraq and Syria, with responses ranging across the board. In the U.K., returnees from Syria and Iraq are assumed guilty until proven innocent. In Denmark, however, a country known for its innovative social welfare programs, a new piece of legislation takes a compassionate approach to reincorporate radicalized Danes back into the fold of civilian life.

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The Expanding Jihadist Threat

The war in Syria has been a magnet for extremists from around the world and has greatly contributed to the spillover of violence and destabilization of its neighboring countries. As Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East continue grow and garner more fighters and funding, the United States and its allies will find it more and more difficult to contain the radical Islamist threat.

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Another Year in Syria

The current political, military, and economic conditions within Syria means that the ongoing fighting between rebel and loyalist forces will continue to escalate with no end in the foreseeable future. The rise of ISIS has further worsened the situation on the ground in Syria and the refugee population so too will grow.